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Appendix - Phone Models

You may use a value from the following list of phone models in any POST/PUT request that supports the <phoneModel> element.

Active Phone Models

Phone Model ValueName
otherAll Other Models

Deprecated Phone Models

All phone models in the table below have been deprecated. Any phone model not listed above will default to 'other' when given in a POST/PUT request.

Phone Model IDPhone Model Name
genericAny Phone
iphoneApple iPhone
winphone7Windows Phone 7
audiovox6700Audiovox 6700
audiovox8940Audiovox 8940
audiovoxcdm8945Audiovox CDM8945
blackBerry7290BlackBerry (Older)
blackberry7100iBlackBerry 7100i
blackberry7100tBlackBerry 7100t
blackberry7105BlackBerry 7105
blackberry7130eBlackBerry 7130e
blackberry7520BlackBerry 7520
blackBerry8703eBlackBerry 8703e
blackberry8800BlackBerry 8800
bbboldBlackBerry Bold
pearlBlackBerry Pearl
chargeDroid Charge
droidxDroid X
gzoneravineG zOne Ravine
hpipaq6940HP iPAQ hw6940
hpipaq6945HP iPAQ hw6945
htcrezoundHTC Rezound
htcthunderboltHTC Thunderbolt
lgax245LG AX245
lgax275LG AX275
lgax355LG AX355
lgax390LG AX390
lgax490LG AX490
lgax8600LG AX8600
lgc1300LG C1300
lgcu400LG CU400
lgchoco800LG Chocolate TG800
lgfusicLG Fusic
lgl1400LG L1400
lglx150LG LX150
lg_marqueeLG Marquee
lgsentioLG Sentio
lgvx3450LG VX3450
lgvx6100LG VX6100
lgvx7000LG VX7000
lgvx8000LG VX8000
lgvx8100LG VX8100
lgvx8300LG VX8300
lgvx8500LG VX8500
motoa630Motorola A630
motoa840Motorola A840
motoe815Motorola E815
motokrazrk1mMotorola Krazr K1M
motol2Motorola L2
l6Motorola L6
motol7Motorola L7
motom800Motorola M800
motou6Motorola PEBL
motorolaphotonMotorola Photon
motoqMotorola Q
motorazrMotorola RAZR V3
motorokre1Motorola ROKR E1
motoslvrMotorola SLVR L7
motov180Motorola V180
motov188Motorola V188
motov220Motorola V220
motov265Motorola V265
motov276Motorola V276
motov300Motorola V300
motov325Motorola V325
motov330Motorola V330
motov360Motorola V360
motov365Motorola V365
motov3cMotorola V3c
motov3iMotorola V3i
motov3mMotorola V3m
motov3rMotorola V3r
motov3tMotorola V3t
motov3xxMotorola V3xx
motov400Motorola V400
motov551Motorola V551
motov557Motorola V557
motov600Motorola V600
motov710Motorola V710
motow315Motorola W315
motoz3Motorola Z3
motoi265Motorola i265
motoi560Motorola i560
motoi580Motorola i580
motoi670Motorola i670
motoi850Motorola i850
motoi880Motorola i880
motoi930Motorola i930
motoic402Motorola ic402
motoic502Motorola ic502
mytouchslideMyTouch Slide
nokia3120Nokia 3120
nokia3220Nokia 3220
nokia5300Nokia 5300
nokia6010Nokia 6010
6015Nokia 6015
nokia6030Nokia 6030
nokia6061Nokia 6061
nokia6085Nokia 6085
nokia6101Nokia 6101
nokia6102Nokia 6102
nokia6102iNokia 6102i
nokia6103Nokia 6103
nokia6133Nokia 6133
nokia6133Nokia 6133
nokia6230Nokia 6200
nokia6275iNokia 6275i
nokia6682Nokia 6682
treo650Palm Treo 650
t680Palm Treo 680
treo700pPalm Treo 700p
treo700wPalm Treo 700w
treo750Palm Treo 750
treo750vPalm Treo 750v
treo755pPalm Treo 755p
pantechc3Pantech C3
pantechpn210Pantech PN-210
pantechpx500Pantech PX-500
samsung2400Samsung 2400
samsunga580Samsung A580
samsunga640Samsung A640
samsunga645Samsung A645
samsunga706Samsung A706
samsunga707Samsung A707
samsunga890Samsung A890
samsunga900Samsung A900
samsunga930Samsung A930
samsunga950Samsung A950
samsunga970Samsung A970
samsungblackjackSamsung Blackjack
samsungc327Samsung C327
samsungc417Samsung C417
samsungcaptivateSamsung Captivate
samsungd307Samsung D307
samsungd807xSamsung D807x
samsunge317Samsung E317
samsunge635Samsung E635
samsungm500Samsung M500
samsungm510Samsung M510
samsungm610Samsung M610
androidprevailSamsung Prevail
samsungt509Samsung T509
samsungt519Samsung T519
samsungt619Samsung T619
samsungt809Samsung T809
samsungu420Samsung U420
samsungu520Samsung U520
samsungupstageSamsung Upstage
samsungx495Samsung X495
samsung777Samsung a777
sanyo7000Sanyo 7000
sanyokatanaSanyo KATANA
sanyom1Sanyo M1
sanyoscp2400Sanyo SCP-2400
sanyoscp2100Sanyo SCP-3100
sanyoscp7050Sanyo SCP-7050
sanyoscp8400Sanyo SCP-8400
sonyj300aSony Ericsson J300a
sonyk790Sony Ericsson K790
sonys710aSony Ericsson S710a
sonyw300iSony Ericsson W300i
sonyw600iSony Ericsson W600i
sonyw810iSony Ericsson W810i
sonyz500aSony Ericsson Z500a
sonyz520aSony Ericsson Z520a
sonyz525aSony Ericsson Z525a
tmobiledashT-Mobile Dash
tmobileg2xT-Mobile G2x
tmobilemdaT-Mobile MDA
tmobilesdaT-Mobile SDA
utsppc6700UTS Starcom PPC6700
sjacki637 Jack
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