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The settings API in V4 provides a more direct translation of the settings as stored in the YouMail system. The V3 API attempted to simplify a number of settings, and as our systems were extended and upgraded it became more of a liability.

Note: The settings API does not expose mailbox status information other than that that can be directly inferred from the current value of any specific setting. It is used to control the behavior of the mailbox.


      +-- /accountSettings  (not yet implemented)
      +-- /sharingSettings  (not yet implemented)
      +-- /transcriptionSettings
      +-- /alertSettings
      |      |
      |      +-- pushSettings
      +-- /greetingSettings

An HTTP GET of settings will return a document that matches the above diagram. Each node will contain the various settings that apply to that node. There are NO settings directly parented to the settings element.

userIduser id
accountSettingsAccount related settings (not currently supported)
sharingSettingsSettings that enable or disable sharing of your messages. Essentially the same options you see on the “My Account → Privacy” page at
transcriptionSettingsTranscription settings. Unless your account has an active transcription plan these settings are read-only
alertSettingsAlert Settings. How you want to be notified of new messages. Many of the same options as the “My Account → My Alerts” page
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